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Meet our Team

Elisa Hyman

Executive Director

Growing up with a parent in the military and then marrying a sailor, Elisa has traveled the globe and become a master of adapting to various cultures and learning to build community fast. She is a certified teacher, entrepreneur, and has over a decade of nonprofit leadership experience. Elisa has been traveling to Uganda since 2011.   Not being introduced to missions until later in life, she sought to introduce others to the world of cross cultural service.  While serving with a short term mission sending organization, Elisa strived to create a healthy model of short term missions and introduced missionary care to their short term teams.  Elisa has been building relationships with missionaries for almost a decade. Through those relationships, the Lord made it clear that serving missionaries and global workers was where her family needing to be . Elisa's family currently reside in Jinja, Uganda.

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Brandon Hyman

Operations Director

Born in Fort Smith, Arkansas and raised in Katy, Texas, Brandon graduated from Katy High

School and soon after joined the United States Navy. His Navy career took him all over the

world, experiencing cultures in dozens of foreign countries. His administrative skill set in the

Navy included Senior Human Resources and Personnel Management, Payroll, Accounting, Legal

& Ethics Specialist, Records Management & Training, Career Counseling and Development,

Navy School Administrator, and Project Management.

He received his Bachelor of Art Degree in Business Administration/Human Resources

Management from Grantham University while on active duty. Retiring from the Navy after 21

years of service, Brandon and family moved to Uganda in 2018 to continue serving those who

are serving others. Brandon is married to Elisa, and they have two children, Miles and Marley.

He enjoys spending time with his family, and playing sports.


Our Founders

Brandon & Elisa Hyman were introduced to missions after the adoption of their daughter from Ethiopia in 2009. Brandon is a retired Chief Petty Officer from the United States Navy. Elisa grew up in the military and soon after married into it. They have two children, Miles and Marley.  Traveling and building new communities and relationships is their norm. Brandon and Elisa have held various leadership roles in just about every area of ministry through the churches they have been a part of.   


In 2011, Elisa Hyman, began leading short-term mission trips to East Africa. While striving for healthy short term missions, she began building lasting relationships with missionaries. It soon became very apparent that many missionaries are exhausted and burned out. They often feel alone and are afraid to speak out. Through those short term teams, Elisa began to shift the focus of her trips to partnering with and supporting the long term missionaries.  


In 2017, Elisa and Brandon heard the call to move to Uganda full-time to become missionaries for missionaries. They started seeing The New Testament in a new way.  The Apostle Paul traveled over and over again, strengthening and encouraging the church! Their experience with the transient military life, missions and ministry leadership has prepared them for just that! 

Elisa documents their everyday lives on Instagram @notyourmommsmissionary
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