Our Board of Directors

Elisa Hyman 

President & Founder

Growing up a Navy Brat and then marrying a sailor, Elisa has traveled the globe and become a master of adapting to various cultures and learning to build community fast. She is a certified teacher, entrepreneur, and has a decade of nonprofit leadership experience. Elisa has spent the last seven years of her life bringing everyday people to the world of missionary work in Uganda, while striving to create a healthy model of short term missions and loving her missionary friends hard.

Sarah Morrison


Sarah grew up in the church but her heart for missions grew after she met Elisa in 2012.  She is an Army wife, currently living in DC, and loves the military lifestyle.  She and her husband adopted their son in 2016 following a mission trip she took with Elisa to Uganda.  Her formal education includes a BA in Administrative Management and a Masters in Public Administration.  God has always called her to be a sender, to serve those who go.  Serving others brings her the most fulfillment and joy!

Jamie Swenka


Jamie's desire is for everyone to feel cherished, loved and not forgotten. Her heart for hospitality and connecting others has led her to partnering with Elisa and Replenish, Int'l. She spends the majority of her time loving on her husband & 4 children, homeschooling, baking, reading and serving. In her spare time, she runs a couple of ecommerce businesses. Some of Jamie's professional experience includes banking, church leadership, HR, finances, outreach programs and non-profit work.